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babys first tshot 

im..going trick-or-treating for.. the first time in 3 years im so happy


cottagewife asked:

hi herobrine i love ya!!!!!!! *hands u a dirt block*

hewwo! i love u too!!!!!

sparky asked:

friendly reminder that i adore u


im still here, just.... out of it and distracted

i have this tab open but i NEVER seem to come by, it sucks

back to being lonely again, i guess

hghng... hooh... school is distracting me

im currently very lonely...and its making me suffer i want more people to talk to,,,

licks paw

i've been drawing ALL day TODAY and i feel so alive ;w;

i literally passed out for the entire day up until 4 pm and then i forgot to update everyone adfg


oogh yeah herobrine is back in town to make friends n eat dirt

its good 2 know that 99% of my posts are just me talking abt anything i think of. its so nice to be able to freely express myself

Check out this little lady. IDK ifbive talked about her at all, but this is Nugget, a thirteen or so old cat belonging to my housemates. She doesn't get along with Frank to much so I don't hang out with her much, but she's super chill,super leggy and super fun to wear as a scarf.

witchesflower -

My long babie!!!! 

baldisbasics -


hit the like button if you 

yea...... i am dirt.... yknow me... i just kinda (falls over)

its like..... some kids dont understand... being an asshole... makes them look bad... but nobody seems to care....

there is little to no food here! i haven't eaten all fucking day! i haven't been taught how to make some of the shit buried at the bottom of the freezer!

yeah im inactive and i (sleeps)

u know what? i do commissions too, if anyone wants 2 commission me they absolutely can, just hmu on here or ask for my discord

besides that, hi, i think my sickness is coming to an end so i may be more active

baldisbasics -

wow i never expected to be in a negative balance haha 

baldisbasics -

surprise payment to twitch of a subscription renewal that i didnt even know was happening but! okay

baldisbasics -

i kind of dont want to ask for more money because i feel bad, but i dont get paid for another few weeks and i dont know how long i can stay in a negative balance